Historic Homes of Runnemede



The Admissions process begins with scheduling a visit to our campus. We would love to have you enjoy lunch at the Stoughton House, tour the buildings, and have a talk with the RN Administrator about your needs and what we can offer you.

If Historic Homes seems like it will be a good fit for you, we will need to contact your medical provider for records. All residents must be under the care of a medical provider with current orders for medications and treatments. If the level of care you require is within our licensure, we can move forward with the admission process.

In order to ensure a smooth process we ask that admissions be scheduled on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday before 1 PM. No admissions will be scheduled on holidays.

Readmission Criteria

Readmission for current residents that have spent time in the hospital or at another facility may occur between 8 AM and 4 PM Monday through Thursday once the RN Administrator has reviewed current condition and approved readmission.

The discharging facility must call the RN Administrator with a report. Any orders for medication or treatment should be received in advance of readmission.